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Will is the director and head coach at Prime Performance. He has been in the industry for over 13 years now and has been a successful PT in a boutique studio, a commercial gym and two self owned strength and conditioning gyms. Will has also been on the other end of PT hiring, doing contract work with franchisees across the country recruiting, managing and developing trainers for our franchise partners.

A word from Will

“I’ve been in the industry long enough to have seen a lot of trainers come and go and often the ones that do leave aren’t necessarily bad trainers. Given the opportunity to work with a client, a result is often achieved but the hardest part is GETTING the clients.
So I created a business model and support system that helps guide trainers towards the success they seek. I’m super passionate about teaching trainers how to build more sustainable and scalable businesses and how they can leverage their time for money.”

Learn how to:

generate a consistent flow of leads

service and nuture leads

market and sell your service effectively

convert leads into paying clients

Available Courses


Level 1 Elite PT Blueprint

With our Elite PT Blueprint course, you can aim to transform your career through our specifically designed curriculums aimed at building up your PT Business. This program delves into key business strategies, essential financial planning, and innovative client servicing. Learn how to set effective business goals with practical tools, understand the nuances of business setup for sustained growth and master lead generation for a thriving business

Additionally, navigate the intricacies of nutrition planning and client programming to build long term client results. Elite Trainer Blueprint is your gateway to becoming a well-rounded, highly successful personal trainer who sets new standards in the fitness industry.

Duration or length of course: Study at your own pace can be completed within the week through a series of easy-to-consume, bit-sized videos. 

Cost of course: $299