Prime Performance



You are your biggest investment.

Prime Performance works with both new and experienced trainers to build their career and to achieve their career goals. With access to mentoring, paid coaching, partner programs and educational platforms we amplify your ability to hone your skills and provide secure work opportunities. We provide you with the framework to accelerate career growth to unlock an uncapped earning potential within an expansive business.


Prime Performance partners with reputable gyms to provide you with placement opportunities as well  a network of clients who are actively looking for support in achieving their fitness and health goals.


Become the best at what you do with professional on going training programs for your career development

You can also undertake our personalised paid coaching services with focus areas based on your goals.


You will be joining a team of like minded and passionate personal trainers and coaches where you can create networks and relationships that foster growth and support.

Let's Grow Together

Being a Personal Trainer is Rewarding...

It doesn’t come without it’s own challenges, At Prime, we understand the ups and downs of a career as a PT. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced PT, we know that while there are incredible parts of the job, there are also parts of it that may feel tedious.

But It's Not Always Sunshine And Rainbows

You love helping people, but you probably never expected the amount of unrelenting adminwork that would go with it and weren’t adequately prepared or taught best practices. We can help you navigate these task so you can spend more time working on the things you enjoy more of in order to build a long term, sustainable business.

Provides Growth Opportunities, Career Security & Stability

Our PERSONAL TRAINING Development Program

We Take Care Of Business, While You Focus On Fitness

All onboarding trainers will have their ongoing rent, bond, marketing material and cost of uniforms covered. This ensures you can get started in the industry sooner rather than later and working without the stress of the big overheads.

Build A Sustainable & Scalable PT Career Path

We believe that professional development should never stop. From the most experienced PT’s to the newly qualified trainers, we’ll offer ongoing mentoring, guidance, resources, and a chance to be part of a club that you will call home.

Frequently asked questions.

Look through some of our most frequently asked questions.

As part of each individual trainers onboarding, we will require all vital documents which include certificates 3 & 4 or equivalent, first aid, CPR and Insurance as the minimum.

We don’t dictate your days and hours. You will have full autonomy to pick and choose this to suit your schedule.

We aim to provide every trainer secure working opportunities whilst working with a mentor to ensure their continued success. Resources, on-going training and development and access to an online learning portal will ensure that you not only learn what’s relevant towards perfecting your craft but also help you understand the foundations of building a successful, sustainable and scalable PT and online coaching business.

Locations will typically depend on where you reside in. We typically have trainers travel no more than 30 minutes from where they live. We understand that doing split shifts can be tough and as such, want to make each opportunity as convenient as possible.

We have a very systemize approach towards an individuals development. Working through the stages of level 1, 2 and 3 and eventually a PT Manager type role once you understand our systems, processes and the training provided to you. It then becomes a process of duplicating all of that and having you reteach a lot of that to someone else. Do for others what we do for you in order to succeed and grow.


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