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Prime Performance coaches are health and fitness experts that have a passion for unlocking the potential in others to achieve new heights in a sustainable way. Our coaches believe that being fit and healthy isn’t just a physical journey but also a mental one, therefore, they will provide you with their knowledge and support to achieve your goals while enjoying the journey there. 


No matter your fitness goals, our trainers specialise in personalised programs and training that focus on:

We offer both face to face sessions and online coaching and online coaching and with access to our own training app, it will be like having a PT or coach in your own pocket.

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Experience the Prime Performance difference at our Leichhardt fitness studio.

Located in the inner west of Sydney, our fitness studio houses top of the range equipment to help you unlock your best with private 1:1 sessions or bring a friend for our group sessions.

Your personalised sessions are designed to not just challenge you physically, but improve you mentally.

State of the Art Equipment

Our gym equipment is state of the art, allowing us to enhance exercise programs.


No matter your unique fitness goals, we have specialised trainers to help you progress.

1:1 & Group

We offer 1:1 training of group sessions available depending on your preference.

Centralised Location

Our studio is our home base where you’ll feel part of a friendly community.

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Frequently asked questions.

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Absolutely, we offer both customized and individualized approaches based on every individuals training age and experience.

This works in two folds. We offer access to a customized training app where you’re able to track all your biometric data as well as a weekly check-in process that allow for reflective practices and as a means for the coaches to not only understand how your week has gone but also provide invaluable feedback and strategies moving forward to propel you towards your goal. Open and honest communication is key!

Whilst it may be beneficial, neither are essential. We have programs that can cater to home workouts with minimal equipment and experienced coaches who can get you to your desired goals.

This ultimately depends on your lifestyle and training experience. We have coaches thoroughly spread out across many locations however, if you aren’t able to find a coach near you, Online Coaching may be the next best thing.

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Aiden Sweeney
Aiden Sweeney
Being my first time in a gym I was nervous and unsure on what I should start to improve my strength, Gary had reached out and provided me with a fitness plan that improved my overall strength and confidence in the gym. He also explained on what I should eat, the amount of hours I need to sleep and copious amounts of material to read apon to improve my fitness. I'd recommend him to anyone if they'd like to improve themselves no matter if it's new year revolution or not, Gary is a true legend.

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